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"Thousands of years ago, in an act of greed, the Celestials stole the Alpha Brick from Telamon. He tried to steal it back."

Ultimate Power costs 150 BB. This pack contains Lifegain (Playstyle) support, Lifeloss support, Titan support, cards from the Noob Group, the Bee Group, the Meeboid Group, the Crystal cycle, the Celestial Group, the Alar Group, the Cat's Eye Group, the Ninja Group, and even cards that are in the actual Titan Group.

This pack has a ton of Groups, okay?

Required # of wins: 5
Cost: 150 BB
Number of Cards: 146
Number of Unique Cards: ?


  • 41 Common cards
  • 44 Uncommon cards
  • 31 Rare cards
  • 15 Epic cards
  • 15 Legendary cards.

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