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Example of someone trading 2 Spikle cards and 20 BB for 3 Bee Cards.

Trading is a feature implemented in BLOX Cards where players could trade their cards and BloxBux. This feature was implemented to help players get cards more easily via other players.

Throughout this game's history, the community has decided to use different cards as a sort of "currency." Nenjas, the Gladiator (Group), etc.

In order to have the ability to trade and receive trade requests, you'll need to be level 7. You cannot send trades or be traded with, except for the recycling bin if you are tradebanned. The "Unlock the Game" Gamepass tradebans you when it is bought in the gamepass section.

Just like sending a battle request, you click on the button "Play", which gives you a list of players at the bottom left section of your screen. To send a trade request, click the "Trade" button below your intended player's name on the list. Take note that the "Trade" button will only appear below a player's name if they aren't in their inventory/deckbuilder, in battle, in the shop, or trading!

Up top are your offers, below are the other player's. Type a number into the BloxBux slot to offer BloxBux for the trade. You can no longer trade BloxBux with other players. The controls for adding and removing cards are identical to the normal deck builder. You can also right click a card in the collection to add a certain amount of that card. When you're ready, check the ready box, then click complete trade once both players are ready.

Recycling Bin


If you can't find someone to trade with, and are really desperate for BB, check out the Recycling Bin. The Recycling Bin is an AI that enables you to discard cards you don't need for BloxBux. It is located near the Blox Cards Headquarters.

Cards like Unwanted Trend do not give any BloxBux, because of how easy they are to acquire. Prices per rarity are in the table below.

Rarity BloxBux
Common 1 BB
Uncommon 3 BB
Rare 6 BB
Epic 9 BB
Legendary 12 BB
Token 0 BB

Note: Foils are bought by 100x the value (Example: Epic for 900 BB)


  • As of now, the ability to trade using BloxBux is no longer in the game.