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Tokens are cards with a special rarity given to those only obtainable through gameplay. Tokens can only be legitimately obtained whilst playing a match, and even if you somehow acquire one, you can't add them into your deck. For more information, head to the Tokens category.

The following is a list of tokens:

MiniToon.png <- BearTrap.png

SpeedySeat Luna.png The GentlemaniacLuna.png <- WoodenChair Fixed.png Modern Chair Fixed.png Royal Chair Fixed.png

Games Luna.png Julez X 2.png SkywhaleTamer.png Crossroads T.png <- Sword Luna.png Trowel Luna.png RocketLauncher Luna.png Superball Luna.png Slingshot Luna.png

Dragon Horde Luna.png <- Dragon H glaurung.png Dragon H Smaug.png Dragon H Aer Draco.png

Grand Pirate King Luna.png GrandPirateKingSummerAlt.png <- Infinite Cannonballs New.png

Titan of the Holy Chamber Luna.png <- TheForgottenOne Luna.png
Bunny Blob Of The Holy Chamber Alt Card.png <- The Blobgotten One Card.png

Febrezer Luna.png <- BaninaCan.png

ASeal Luna.png <- Frozen Fish Luna Fixed.png

Skull Collector's Ritual.png <- Eclipse's Resurrection.png <- Eclipse WerewolfColossus.png

CobaltObscurity.png <- CobaltObscurity Alt.png

Imaginz00 Luna.png <- Imaginz00 F Luna.png Imaginz00 M Luna.png Imaginz00 ZK Luna.png

ShiroLuna.png <- Shirosoul.png + Horologium Fix.png <- Shirocrow.png

Shedletsky the Fried One.png <- ShedletskyB Luna.png RedShed.png ShedletskyG Luna.png ShedletskyY Luna.png

ExoticMurtic Luna.png <- ExoticMurticFinal Luna.png

Dukran the Elysian-0.png DTC Token.png <- SplinteredGenesis Luna.png

Saud fix.png <- Saudarrow1Luna.png Saudarrow2luna.png Saudarrow3luna.png Saudarrow4luna.png

Celestials of Night and Day Fixed.png <- Celestial of Night.png Celestial of Day.png

HallowsExtraction.png <- Hallows Wealth.png

Alarmyrmidon lunafixed.png <- SplinteredSummons Luna.png

ParaseleneAscetic Luna.png <- LunarRager Luna.png

Blessed Acolyte.png <- Werewyrm.png

Wolfbitten Wanderer.png <- Werewolf Neonate.png
WolfbittenNoob TG17.png <- FestiveWerewolf TG17.png

Dwarvern Gunsmith.png <- Sentry Weaponry.png

Demon Castle.png <- TerraFirmaFist.png

Schismed Ro-Boy.png <- Link=Schismed_Ro-Boy Link=Schismed_Ro-Boy

AlarBladeArcher.png <- SplinteredLimbs Luna Fix.png

Marissakitty04 Summer Alt Card.png PrismDraco WWG Luna.png <- Crystal of Powers Exploit Card.png Crystal of Ambitions End Card.png Crystal of Deaths Vengence Card.png
MarissKitty04SummerAlt.png <- Shell Of Seas Alt Card.png Castle Of Coarseness Alt Card.png Ball Of Beaches Alt Card.png

Construct! Sentry Beta!-01.png <- Sentry Beta.png

NinjaTrainee Luna.png <- Grandmasters Ninja Dojo Luna.png

Den Protector.Png <- Twilit Mother.png Pack Wolf.png

Accursed Bladesman-0.Png <- HazenwyldsBlade.png
Charming Bladesman Valentine Alt.png <- Hazenwylds Charmer Valentine Alt.png

AlarHerald Luna.png <- SplinteredEnergy Luna fixed.png

Channel the Call.png <- Eclipse's Vassal.png <- Lightning Wolf.png

Death-DefyingDemon Luna.png <- Death-DefyingDemon Luna Token.png <- Death-DefyingDemon Luna 0Charge.png

Lycan Lorekeeper.Png <- RattleboneOracle.png

MSE6.png <- Innocent Man PNG.png

Unspeakable Summoning Luna.png Micheal P.png <- Lezus.png

Ultoris Tenebrae.png <- Ultoris NOOBrae.png

AlarSentinel Lun.png <- SplinteredBlessing Luna.png

Mirror Man's Assault.png <- Mirror Man.png

Unlikely Aid.png <- HeroicSurvivor.png

AlarBladeChaser Lunafixed.png <- SplinteredSlice Luna.png

Crazycaleb77 Luna.png PrismDraco WWG Luna.png <- Crystal of Realitys Fractal Card.png Crystal of Heavens Pulse Card.png Crystal of Natures Surge Card.png

CatsEyeWingFlock Luna.png <- Cat's Eye Winglet Luna.png
Cupid's Eye Wingflock.png <- Cupid's Eye Winglet 2.png

Deception Infection.png <- Deceptee.png DecepteeUnused.png DecepteeUnused2.png DecepteeUnused3.png

Monkeymaster18.png <- Maniac Monkey.png
SpiderTrix.png <- SpiderTrixToken.png

AlarTrainee Luna.png <- SplinteredEmbers Luna fixed.png

SnailMan39 Card.png MBBC.png MBBC V.png <- SnailLuna.png

Search The City Card Lv1.png <- Search The City Card Lv2.png <- Search The City Card Lv3.png <- Search The City Card Lv4.png <- Search The City Card Lv Max.png

SecretsofSwinburne.png <- BlXhd.png VoidStarCrown.png

SummonMeeboidTitano Luna Fix.png <- FistOfAgony Luna.png HalfOfDespair Luna.png HalfOfImmortality Luna.png FistOfSoul Luna.png
SummonMeedboidKraken Fix.png <- TentacleOfAgony.png HalfOfDespairSummerAlt.png HalfOfImmortalitySummerAlt.png TentacleOfSoul.png

CandyBiostreamCard2.png <- Biostream Attack Modifier Fix.png Biostream Attack Modifier Debuff Fix.png Biostream Defense Modifier Fix.png
CandyBiostream Luna.png <- Lollipop Kings Gift2.png Gum Golem CurseCard2.png Jaw Fairys Blessing2.png

Nimblz.png <- Eg.png

Beseech the Mastermind.png <- Ghashendex, Ultra Mastermind.png

Zanzel Repentant.png <- Zanzel Rekindled.png

Kohlastrophe, Infurnished Chairman.png <- TheErgonomicon.png

DDudeLuna.png <- KillScriptLuna.png
DDude Valentine Alt.png <- Rejected Alt Card.png

Dwarvern Engineer-0.png <- Sentry Plating.png

Your name.png AdaptF.png PrismDraco WWG Luna.png <- Crystal of Knowledges Thirst Card.png Crystal of Logics Will Card.png Crystal of Intellects Scheme Card.png

Construct! Sentry Alpha!-01.png <- Sentry Alpha.png


Herrus Gladiator.png <- Thoughtling.png

Luckymaxer Luna.png <- Luckymaxer Mechanical Spiders Luna.png

Razikais Exploration Card.png <- The Space Monster Card.png

ClanDrone Luna.png <- C Drone Luna.png

Shaman.png <- TotemOfTheAurora.png

Remorseless Winter.png <- Permafrost Storm Luna.png Permabruh.png

LunarBanishment.png <- ParaseleneWarden.png

Silencing Ritual.png <- Crystal of Eisenhower's Grief.png Crystal of Zanzel's Remorse.png Crystal of Ghashendex's Hope.png

PoliceTaskmasterAlt.png <- Case 1 - The Lowly Thug.png

Case 1 - The Lowly Thug.png <- Lowly Thug A.png Lowly Thug B.png Lowly Thug C.png <- Case 2 - The Crooked Cop.png

Case 2 - The Crooked Cop.png <- Crooked Cop.png Conflict Of Interest.png <- Case 3 - Ties to the Yakuza.png

Case 3 - Ties to the Yakuza.png <- Yakuza Underboss.png Yakuza Underling.png Yakuza Thug.png <- Case 4 - Organized Underworld.png

Case 4 - Organized Underworld.png <- The Operative.png The Chairman.png

Love Contract Card.png <- SubmittotheCrowds.png

Dwarvern Courier.png <- Sentry Fuel.png

ShadowMarket.png HallowsKnight Luna.png <- Survivor.png

Kalman Sinister.png <- Pact of Condemnation Card.png

Construct! Sentry Gamma!-01.png <- Sentry Gamma DwarfExecutioner.png

StaceyD07 Card.png Gabrielcastros ghost Alt Card.png PrismDraco WWG Luna.png <- Crystal of Inverse Decay Card.png Crystal of Pure Divinity Card.png Crystal of Heroic Ambition Card.png

Arsenal Squad.png Arsenal Golden Gun.png <- Arsenal Delinquent.png Arsenal Delinquent2.png Arsenal Delinquent3.png

Hunt the Godbeast.png <- Welp.png

The Skull Collector.png <- Conqueror's Skull.png Ascetic's Skull.png Philosopher's Skull.png Socialite's Skulls.png

Brick man Y.png <- Brick mansAccomplice.png

RevelingSatyr1 Luna.png <- RevelingSatyr2 Luna.png <- RevelingSatyr3 luna.png <- RevelingSatyr4 luna.png

JohnJanedoeLuna.png <- JohnDoeTokenLuna.png JaneDoeTokenLuna.png
John Doe Alt Card.png <- John Doe Alt Token.png 318.png

Desperate Alliance.png <- FunsEnd.png ShadowMarket.png TitanicElixir.png PenumbraShield.png

Rawblocky.png Midas The King Alt Card-0.png <- RawblockysDrawing.png Midas The King Alt Token-0.png

OstrichSized Luna.png <- Ostrich Luna.png
Baba Yaga.png <- Bab Yaga.png
TBOI Lord Of Rukia Posting Alt Card.png <- Rukia Token.png

Call to arms Luna.png <- New recruit 1 Luna.png New recruit 2 Luna.png New recruit 3 Luna.png Reinforcements Luna.png
Juan attack.png <- Juan Artist.png Juan Murderer.png Juan Scientist.png Juan Science!!.png

XxIndoorsnowballxxCard.png <- Indoorsnowball Token1.png <- Indoorsnowball Token2.png

LordUmberhallow.png <- Siphoned Spirit.png

Lil Nas X Card.png <- Fanboy Card.png

Orinthian Stratagem Retreat Fix.png <- Orinthian Gate Power Parallax Card.png

Horse Breeder.png <- Werecentaur.png From Both: Weremare.png

Lumberjack.png <- Werebear.png

Homeless Man.png <- DIY Werewolf.png

Construction.png <- Barricade.png

Animate Cannonman Fixed.png <- RedCannonMan Fixed.png GreenCannonMan Fixed.png BlueCannonMan Fixed.png YellowCannonMan Fixed.png

Usering Luna.png <- Super Targeting Blip Card.png

Infinite Frost Luna.png Orinthian Force Soldier RarityFix V1.png <- Wiki Placeholder.png

New MUTO2014.png <- FractalComplete.png

SaiierLuna.png <- SaiierToken.png

  • Tokens used by AI: Category:AI-Only Card
  • Terrarian Token Cards: Terrarians

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