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The Titan Group is a rainbow shell Group where the player needs to generate studs and play Titan's Stone beforehand, then playing down a Titan to play some powerful AoE or buff Titans in play greatly. If the player generated enough studs and if the player already played down Titan of the Holy Chamber, The Forgotten One can be cast which essentially destroys all enemy fighters every turn.

Titans generally follow a controlling style of gameplay.

Shedletsky-Titan was a pretty famous deck back in the day, using the Green Shedletsky to get studs faster. Titans today sees some play, but some decks don't even use some of the titans.


  • Titans have a lot of health; good for stalling.
  • You can use them with acolytes to generate studs faster.
  • Near-infinite stud generation late-game.
  • The Forgotten One, obtainable through Titan of the Holy Chamber's effect, is one of the strongest cards in the game.


  • Easy to brick (Get useless cards in starting hand).
  • Most fighters have little to no base power, and are vulnerable to swaps.
  • One of the slowest Groups in the game, making it extremely vulnerable to any faster deck.
  • The general wincon is The Forgotten One, which is hard to summon and expensive.
  • Anti-Lunar cards can easily hinder the ability to cast Titan Essences.
  • Almost completely hard countered by Paranormanbiggestfan.