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Two years after Zanzel was defeated after trying to summon the Alpha Brick, she has secluded, utterly regretting it. Eclipse, that giant werewolf, managed to shatter her manifestation, and the world had become distorted and paralyzed in time. The past, present, and future were merging into one place.

Holding a Raven she's been courting in this time secluded, she decides enough is enough. Her transgessions are too great, but she will not stand idly by while the future ravages the past.

From the destruction of the Alpha Brick comes Temporal Halo! Taking place in the same continuum as Ancient Stirrings, the mistakes of Zanzel has disrupted the timeline and caused past and future to come forth in this 95-card expansion pack!

From a time long forgotten, the World of Wood shows itself! A terrain-based deck, use the World of Wood terrains to give yourself powerful advantages! Will you be able to bring out the Transcendant Voidoaks and help the Wanwood Dryad defend her kingdom?

From a nearby past, the Dwarves make their return! Discard cards to obtain Sentry Components, then use them to create Sentries! Bring forth the Chromafex and defy the fate the Dwarves were doomed to!

Striking fast from the close future, the Anthrested come forth! Advance the tide of the new anthro robloxian, obtaining benefits depending on what tide number you're at! Use the power of Princess Erisyphia to give the world their make-over!

From the unseeable future, here come the Orinthians! Hit-and-run with Orinthian Stratagems and obtain benefits from returning your fighters to the hand! Gather your power and Beseech the Mastermind!

And last but not least, the time-defying Neodragons make their appearance! Use the power of their supporters to generate DRAGONFORCE and call upon the Neodragons to wreak havoc across your game with powerful abilities!

As past, present, and future meet, will Zanzel and Co. be able to protect Robloxia?

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