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The following deck is a legacy deck. It has lost its potency, either due to nerfs or power creep, but was still significant enough to warrant posting.

Do you want to win with InceptionTime without having to do all the work of gaining life? SoulceptionTime OTK used the overpowered combo of SoulSearch and InceptionTime in order to make the opponent lose in just a few turns.

SoulSearch's effect prevents death from lifeloss, which means there was a loophole for InceptionTime, making you win the game with ease.


Name: SoulceptionTime OTK Welcome to the meta.
Creator: Damarioguy The person who made this deck.
Deck Colors: Green/Red Red for SoulSearch and Green for InceptionTime
Deck Type: OTKO Aggro Generate icons as fast as possible, play down the combo.
Goldfish: 3-9 It really depends on when you draw the combo.
Consistency: 4.5/5 Draw cards pretty much ensure you will get the combo.
Complexity: 1/5 Generate icons, play down SoulSearch and InceptionTime. That easy.
Accessibility: 3/5 There's only 2 legendaries, 3 epics, the rest are walmart cards.
Versatility: 4/5 That hard to counter. Only dead if RaveTea is played.
Popularity: 0/5 Barely anyone played this for some reason.


Recruiter of the Titans
Recruiter of the Titans.png

600/0: At the end of of your turns, put a "Titan's Stone" to your hand. This card can't generate icons.
Titan's Stone.png

500/0 Titan: Can't generate icons. This card is used to play stronger titans.
Titan of the Holy Chamber
Titan of the Holy Chamber.png

2000/0 Titan: You must control at least 1 titan to summon this card. Set the power of all non-Titans to 0. Put "The Forgotten One" to your hand.
The Forgotten One.png

5000/5000 Titan: You must control at least 4 titans to summon this card. At the end of each turn, deal 4000 damage to all Non-Titans, then unlock all titans.

300/300: Lock a target fighter for 2 turns.                
Gato Luz
Gato Luz.png

250/250: Reduce the locks on all allied fighters by 2. They cannot be reduced to less than 1. Reveal your opponent's hand.


300/300: Deal 50 damage to a target fighter. This card cannot generate icons.
Unused BoomAtack.png

300/200: When this card dies, gain 1 red and 1 white icon.
SoulSearch NEWEST.png

1300/500: Whenever this card strikes the opponent, it gains 500 health and power.
Boogerguy123 x4
Cillow x4
Mrbeanbean2 x4
InceptionTime x1
Broken Dreams x1
Luck o' the Lobsters x1
Bowl of Greed x3
Ultimate Bowl of Greed x1

How to Play

Play down the starter cards to generate icons as fast as possible. Draw as many cards as you can to get SoulSearch and InceptionTime.

Once both SoulSearch and InceptionTime are in your hand, play SoulSearch first, then InceptionTime. SoulSearch will negate InceptionTime's effect. Therefore, you make an automatic win without having to gain life whatsoever.

How to Defeat

The deck's main weakness is consistency. You might either be lucky and have the deck's cards be no where to be seen or be unlucky and be cast near the first few turns. Either way, you have to be fast.

Nightmares and using cards that draw the opponent's hand would be also great against it. Hopefully, it destroys the very card that starts the combo.

Icon denial can be used fairly well if used a lot. This deck relies on generating icons anyway.

For a specific card to counter this deck, RaveTea would be it. Eisenhower, the Alchemist would be also suitable, but not as well since it will take a while to generate blue icons.

The Fall

SoulSearch has been reworked once more and lost its effect entirely. This means the SoulceptionTime deck's combo cannot work.

A while later, SoulSearch was changed back to this effect, but InceptionTime was made to wipe the field onsummon before the self damage happens, making the combo impossible without getting soul to 10k+ health.