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Luckymaxer Luna.png
Fancy Arachnid Halloween Alt Card.png

About Luckymaxer
Rarity: Blue Rare
Health/Power: 600/400
Effect: When this card is cast: Give yourself four 200/200 Mechanical Spiders.
Bio: He makes gear. He is why plungers are more powerful than elegant, elvish swords.
Fancy Arachnid Bio: This will trigger someone's Kapelaphobia. This card is an alt-art of Luckymaxer.

Luckymaxer Mechanical Spiders Luna.png

About Mechanical Spiders
Rarity: Blue Token
Health/Power: 200/200
Effect: Inert in all zones. When you do: Destroy a card in your hand. Draw a card.
Bio: Thematic Snake.
Hallow's Tales Bio: Tonight, the rich shall feast. As is tradition.