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A card currently under the effects of lock. Once 2 turns have passed, it will be unlocked.

Lock is a condition that can effect cards via fighter effects, action cards, or from a card attacking on its turn. The card will appear to have a padlock on it once affected, and cannot be selected to attack. It can still counter-attack if another card the foe has attacks it, though. Most fighters enter play locked; sometimes locked even more than 1 turn.

Blue cards are the most well-known user of locking effects, although there are cards in other colors that can inflict it as well.

Negating Lock

Lock is automatically lifted once the number of turns has passed.

Negating a card's lock without having to go through the turns is called "Unlock". Certain cards, such as AVote, 1dev3 and Typheus the Whelp can unlock fighters, potentially allowing them to attack multiple times a turn.

"Ready" also negates a card's lock. However, the "Ready" lowers the fighters' lock duration by 1 turn. Using "Ready" will not affect who are locked for more than one turn. An example of a card using "Ready" is PoptartNoahh.

There are also effects refered to as "thaw", which involves partially or completely removing a lock, then locking them for 1 turn to prevent them from attacking that turn. An example of this would be tertiarick.