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Starting a Battle

To battle, open the main menu then click the green play button in the bottom right.

Once you get into the Player List, if there is another player with you, you can challenge the other player to the battle by clicking the Challenge button. If they accept, then the battle will begin.

But if you are the one being challenged, you can either accept or decline their challenge. Their challenge will always go to the top of the list.

Furthermore, you can watch other players' battles by clicking the "Spectate" button to the right of the battle status. If you click on the "Battling [enemy name here]," it'll give you a quick summary of what the match looks like at that point in time.

There's AIs scattered around the map, They mostly Give Bloxbux and Cards as rewards, Their locations can be found in the List of AI page.

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Cards come in 5 colors:

The card's color is seen in the background of its art.

A card can be also be of one of 5 rarities:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

A card's rarity determines how many of it you can have in your deck at one time, Common being 4 Cards, Uncommon 3, Rare being 2 and both Epic and Legendary 1 card.

There are 3 types of cards: Fighters, Actions, and Terrains. Fighter cards have Health and Power, and most have some form of effect. Action trigger their effect and are then removed from play. Some actions give you a copy of themselves to you or to your opponent after being used, Examples being Roblox Gift Card and Living World. Terrain cards are like action cards except their effect is repeated every turn until another terrain card takes their place. Terrain cards can also be made into Fighters via an effect.

Health and Power

Cards have health (green) and power (orange). When a card's health runs out, it dies. When a card attacks another, two things happen:

  • The attacking card damages the attacked card's health equal to the attacking card's power.
  • The attacked card counterattacks, dealing damage equal to its own power to the attacking card's health.

If a card with 500 health and 500 power were to attack another with 600 health and 300 power, the first card would be left with 200 health and the second with 100.

Studs and 'Cost'

Every card costs a certain amount of 'Studs' (coins). The cost of a card is shown as a row of circles. Studs are colored, much like cards. Of course, the game does not consider White (aka Colourless) to be a color. You pay studs to cast a card. There's four ways to gain studs.

The first way is to have cards on your field, where they will give you one stud of their color every time your turn ends. If you were to have 3 red and 2 yellow cards on your field, you would get 3 red and 2 yellow icons at the end of your turn.

The second way is to end your turn. At the end of your turn, you gain 2 free white/colourless icons and your coloured studs are set to the number of cards in your baseplate of their respective colour.

The third way is to discard a card in your hand by swiping it downwards (for mobile) or right-clicking it (for PC). (The first non-white, non-inert-when-discarded card you discard each turn puts that card into the baseplate)

The fourth way is to trigger a card's effect that gives icons.


Locked cards cannot attack. A card will be locked for one turn when it is played, unless it has the Haste passive effect. The number on the lock tells you how many turns the card will remain locked.

For more information, go to the Lock page.


Only unlocked cards can attack. To attack, click an unlocked card on your field, then click a card on your enemy's field.


To win, you must deplete your opponent's life points to 0. There's many ways to do this, but the most common one is attacking your opponent's face card.

Your opponent has a face card, which is revealed when he has no other cards on his field. Attacking this face card will deplete his life points. When your opponent has ran out of cards in their deck, they will take 'fatigue' damage every turn. Certain card effects can increase or decrease your opponent's life points.

Buying cards

Cards are bought in packs from the shop, which is found in the main menu and the world; look for the shop signs. Each pack holds different kinds of cards. Packs cost bloxbux, a currency you can earn by battling (both winning and losing) and by codes. You can scroll through the packs using your scroll wheel (for PC) or swiping left and right (on mobile).

To open a pack, click on the top of the pack and move your mouse, like you were moving an object in Roblox Studio.

The deck builder

Your collection is on the left, your deck is on the right. Save a deck by quitting the deck builder. You can switch deck slots by clicking the deck slot switched in the bottom bar (this will discard your edits to your current deck). You can only exit the deck builder with a 40 card deck. Scroll through your collection by swiping left and right, pressing A and D, left or right clicking the screen, or using your scroll wheel.

Left-click cards in your collection to add them to your deck, right-click them to remove them from your deck. Left-click cards in your deck to remove them from your deck, right-click cards in your deck to add more of them to your deck. Click the colors to exclude or include them from your view. Use the search bar to search for names, descriptions, effect descriptions, and triggers, archetypes, and more. Use the zoom slider to adjust how many cards are visible in your collection.


Sleeves are cosmetic 'card backs' you can purchase for your cards. They look neat, but that's all they do.

See the Sleeves page for more information.

Levels and stats

Hover over the button containing your bloxbux, wins and losses to see your rank and level. Click the button to open the stats and ranks panel.


To trade, you will need to have a few wins and play on a registered ROBLOX account. Up top are your offers, below are the other player's. Type a number into the BloxBux slot to offer BloxBux. The controls for adding and removing cards are identical to the normal deck builder. When you're ready, check the ready box, then click complete trade.

For more information, go to the Trade page.

Auctions and Art cards

Auctions are automatic timed events where an Epic or Legendary card is sold for bloxbux. Art cards are Alternative Arts of already existing cards, Those can be obtained in The Event Packs, Innovative Pack and the Art BoX 'For more information, go to the Category:Alternative Arts or Legendary Card Auction page.