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The following deck is a legacy deck. It has lost its potency, either due to nerfs or power creep, but was still significant enough to warrant posting.

Histor's Red Aggrorange is a deck based on getting out cheap aggro cards at the start, then slowly shifting to midrange. The deck used to be much faster until Cowboy got berfed.


Name: Histor's Red Aggrorange Duh.
Creator: HistortheLone While many variations of red exist, this powerful variant was made solely by me.
Deck Colors: Red What else?
Deck Type: Aggro/Midrange Aggrorange is a simple mix of Aggro and Midrange.
Goldfish: TBA This will be calculated in the near future.
Consistency: 4/5 You are almost guaranteed to get a card to play turn one.
Complexity: 3.5/5 You have to know when to play cards and when not to.
Accessibility: 3.5/5 4 epics, 1 legend. That's it. The rest are rares, uncommons, and commons. Almost all are in the Red Dominion pack.
Versatility: 3.5/5 You'll win a lot.
Popularity: 0/5 No one played this. Only I knew the decklist.


Hodif x3
DerptasticDevil x3
Ambamby x4
ThatGrimGuy x4
Dodgeball Player Red x4
Mag x3
Anderson x1
Dayren x3
Crazynoggin x1
Mafia Grunt x1
Histor, Blood Warrior x2
Taymaster x1
SoulSearch x1
DrWeaseI x2
Treas0ner x1
Rachjumper x1
Thunder Bolt x1
Pumpkin Bomb x3
Luck o' the Lobsters x1

How to Play

At the start of the game, you want to play more of the cheaper aggro cards. These may seem like weak cards, but they can easily score you some icons at the start for your stronger midrange cards.

How to Beat

This deck is weak to other red decks due to the fact that it has cards in it that buff other red cards (Dayren and Taymaster) as well as cards that only affect non-red cards (Mafia Grunt and Taymaster). Also weak to certain control decks.