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Groups are labels applied to cards that get grouped together. These cards commonly interact with other cards differently depending on whether they share a given group or not. This makes decks with groups widely played in Blox Cards.

True Groups

These Groups form their own, singular decks, and are not expected to mingle with other decks.

  • Ultra: Play small void fighters that shuffle very powerful fighters into your deck for free but only when you control the Ultra Gate, then annihilate your opponent.
  • Morphic: Target your own Morphic Goo to exploit luck and get random fighters (OP fighters included).
  • Police: Jail you and your opponent's fighters with police, buff with police, and bust in for the kill.
  • Korblox: Debuff and lock the wintry hell out of non-Korblox!
  • Lycanthrope: Cast actions to transform and double your fighter's stats while turning them into deadly glass cannons!
  • Redcliff: Buff an army to ridiculous amounts very quickly and shred through your opponent's monsters once buffed!
  • The Federation: Play your expensive starstones and other 8 stud actions to shine over your opponent with very extreme effects!
  • Meeboid: Heal yourself and your allies to ridiculous extremes until Titano arrives.
  • Overseer: Overwhelm your enemy with many handbuffs and dangerous payoff effects!
  • Zombie: Summon an unending crowd of zombies that come back after they die.
  • Apocrypha: Generate a massive amount of green studs and transform fighters into various Apocrypha.
  • Apocryspectre: Suspend enemy fighters away and overflow with value while chipping at your opponent's life!
  • Doge: Swarm the opponent with a speedy army of enraged buffers.
  • Toy: Wind your fighters by locking and unlocking up again, buffing and attacking an unusually high amount of times.
  • Noob: Rip and tear through your opponent with your platoon of Noobs and Lifeloss-esque effects!
  • Ninja: The quintessential Group, providing buffs to Ninjas and debuffs to non-Ninjas.
  • Nightmare: Clog up your opponent's hand to prevent them from drawing cards, mill them, and punish them for having too many cards!
  • Bee: Swarm the opponent with bees that multiply themselves to your hand while rendering your opponent's cards useless!
  • Alar: Control and adapt to the battlefield with versatile actions and have Dukran ascend!
  • Infurnished: Rapidly swarm glass cannons and cards into your baseplate to trigger effects, pile up into big fighters and summon the True Chairman!
  • World of Wood: Create Terrains that benefit you passively, then turn them later into powerhouses by using the queen herself, The Wanwood Dryad.
  • Dwarf: Dispose of useless cards in your hand, cast them as Sentry Parts, and use those to create the most magnificent sentries.
  • Anthrest: Ride the infectious Tide to build your army of truly horrifying monstrosities that keep growing stronger throughout the stages of the game.
  • Orinthian: Return fighters to the hand to continuously spam effects, strategically control the battlefield, and Beseech the Mastermind.
  • Sinister: Loan your opponent a lot of colourless studs, and later cash in on their debt with the power of family buffs.
  • Gladiator: Call upon extremely powerful synergistic fighters with the ability to fetch others of its own Group, but have strict deck requirements.
  • Shovelware: Invest in your baseplate with Cash Grabs, collect your paychecks with the group's terrain, and use overworked employees to burn out your opponent's life!
  • Neodragon: Mega-ramp and bedazzle the opponent with the sheer strength of your rainbow fighters.

Shell Groups

These Groups typically take up fewer than 10 card slots in a deck. Designed to be played together, but not designed to be the main focus of a deck. (There are times where a deck made solely from cards of this type can win for some shell groups though.)

  • Cat's Eye: Cascade from a god to a mere winglet and never run out of steam that way.
  • Titan: Control the field, stall the match while enriching your baseplate with tanky titans until you can summon The Forgotten One to bring the end.
  • Acolyte: Generate an insane amount of studs, summon a ton of Acolytes, and wreck your opponent with overtime AoE buffs.
  • Paraselene: Damage your own fighters to go berserk, activate many various effects, and overpower the opponent!
  • Shedletsky: Transform Shedletsky to his godly forms and watch the opponent lose.
  • Celestial: Gain high enough life to cast powerful wincons and delay the game to a standstill.
  • Survivor: Swarm the field with Survivors in several ways, then transform them into copies of other stronger Survivors.
  • Vibeshark: Make your opponent see the true power of pumpkins with your varied OnCast and OnDeath effects!
  • Planet: Play and animate planets for powerful one-off and persisting effects.


Playstyle are based around a shared mechanic and are not an Group, albeit players can think of them as one. These "Playstyles" are meant to be played together in a deck, But unlike grouped cards, they can be implemented into other decks.

  • Lunar: Cast action after action and control the field indirectly.
  • Lifegain: Gain as much life as possible, stacking value until your opponent's ban.
  • Lifeloss: Burn away your life and dominate over your opponent before your inevitable death.
  • Terrarians: Spam terrains left and right, then animate them with Living World to reach maximum value!
  • Crowd's Favour: Fill up your board at insane speeds to gain the Crowd's Favour and decimate your opponent with the rewards!
  • Picant: Cast out small fighters with 500 total stats or less to quell your opponent with crippling effects!
  • Gigant: Roll over your opponent with extremely high stats cards! Only 1500 total stats or more can thrive!
  • Hero: Use powerful Rare cards to activate absurdly dynamic effects!
  • E/L: Use powerful Epic/Legendary cards to get even more Epic/Legendary cards while buffing them!
  • Targetspam: Target your own fighters to activate powerful effects and buff your fighters at once!
  • Mill: Force your opponent to draw their deck out!
  • Burn: Drain your opponent's health and buff your fighters to insane proportions!

Upcoming Groups

The following Groups/Playstyles are in the game or testing phase, but not fully finished yet. No pages are made for these Groups/Playstyles to prevent leaks.

  • Rageborne: Discard cards to assert your power to the opponent with threatening effects!
  • High Rollers: Cast Money Stacks and buff your allied High Rollers at a rapid pace!

Functional Groups

The following Groups are not Groups, but use Group technology for other purposes. To prevent confusion, they will be listed below: