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Draw The Win Condition is a deck that is inspired by Random Insanity Where it is meant to be a "fun" deck with all luck and no skill

== Stats ==

Name:Draw The Win Condtion(Yellow Edition)
Creator:HumorousDejaun The Roblox username of the idiot who made this deck
Deck Colors:Yellow There are SOME white cards in this deck
Deck Type:Midrange/Luck
Consistency: 3.5/5 You could get a hand with only the cards that are meant for activators or cards that are meant for getting non yellow cards
Complexity2.5/5 Just hope for the best you get good cards basically
Accessibility: 3.2/5 two rares, two epics, 3 legendary
Versatility: ???/5 As long as the deck your're going up againt is not fast. you'll get a chance to whip out some luck
Popularity: 0/5 who said "hey i'm going to make a rng deck thats yellow" when goo exist other than me?


Berezaa x1
Creptiqal x2
Usering x1
bobaman1 x3
Lyv x3
Renaud800 x4
Merely x1
BLOXER787 x1
Weaven x2
Uglypoe x2
Card Hoarder x2
Nexx x1
Cheeseycakes x3
Happy Clown x2
Wowwow2211 x2
Hallow's Bargain x3
Frenemy's Bargain x1
ROBLOXian Reborn x1
Split Ego x3
Luck o' the Lobsters x1

How to Play

If your're in a tight situation you can use bobaman1 to stall longer to reach the luck heavens. Use cards like berezaa, Split ego and Creptiqal for non yellow cards you get from weaven and uglypoe or if you get cards that cost both yellow and another colour. You can also use Merely with Lyv And Renaud800

How to Beat

Just like Random insainity Pretty much any deck can beat this deck or has a decent chance to