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Yellow is not control color by any means. But there was one guy who is willing to tried it, and he succeed, but then, he vanished, left without sign, now there is another guy, once is his victim, will attemp to at least show what the deck was.


Name: 3Y Fast control
Creator: Originally an old friend but I forgot his name, he created this in splexit, was a good deck but this is Storxit. Now I khoaa2006, is remaking it.
Deck Colors: Yellow
Deck Type: Aggro/Control If they are ahead of you, stick to control, when the opportunities arrive, go full aggro.
Goldfish: 8-32 It's a yellow deck that can stall until turn 32 for some reason. JUST don't ever let that happens.
Consistency: 3/5 Lots of cheap fighters and starters but not the best line up of fighters. BUT there is 1 card expensive card that you MUST have if you want to live through mid game with this deck easier.
Complexity: 3/5 Unlike most control deck, you don't actually need to be too smart when using this deck, the only real caculation you have to make is when you trying to bread something in Tremity destroy range
Accessibility: 4/5 Most cards THAT ARE IMPORTANT are common and uncommon anyway. And the expenisve cards can 80% of the time be interchanged with other, lower rarity cards.
Versatility: 3.5/5 Any decks with Mildly decent amount of stall breakers or have an unholy amount of control or removals OR terrainians stand a pretty good chance against this deck. Tho, that doesn't mean this deck can't win against them.
Popularity:1/5 The only person I have seen playing this deck is the original creator and 2 other guys.


FIGHTERS Importance
Why play them?
SonozakiRaito x1 4/5 A cheap 2 turns lock that can be fit into any deck is always a good option to have, especially when it also generates white.
Nexx x1 4/5 A good card draw + stats combo, only issue is price but it will be well worth it when pulled off.
Bobaman1 x2 4/5 Typical anti-aggro card, tho could be replaced with Hallow's treat if you wanted to, I just prefer bobaman1.
Western Bandit x2 4/5 This card is important for 3 reasons: 1. It's a cheap power debuff. 2. It has 250 damage as it's power so it will be easier to put things into Tremity's kill zone, and finally, it also triggers one of the most important cards in the deck.
Spooksletsky x2 5/5 Ok stats card that draws, the only reason why this was brought in the first place was TheChakraTree. Yet, the reasoning was very good, good enough to make this one of the most important cards in the deck. T2 able with TheChakraTree.
Volttt x1 2/5 This is one of the wild card in this deck, replaces it if you will, I just like to have some cheap haste and empower as backup in situations.
ROBLOX x1 3.5/5 Good ramp, otherwise, you could use another card to replaces it.
Arsenal: Golden Gun x3 4/5 A 300 bread that refunds and create another 300/300 is pretty decent to be honest.
Seranok x1 4.5/5 Triggers one of the most important cards in the deck, extremely cheap and free burn if you ever have to use it. And it even generates by itself which is amazing.
TheGamer101 x1 0/5 Replaces this with any other card that you like. I just like having another anti-doge device in my deck.
Elttob x3 1/5 This card isn't easy to obtain AT ALL but it is nice to have, otherwise go with something like more Western Bandit or Mothmage.
Hallow's Bargain x2 2.5/5 Triggers things like Bobaman1 or Mzh3000. Also, RNG is dumb so use this at your own risks.
Mzh3000 x1 ?/5 Sometime he saves you, a lot of the time he just a discard folder. But with lobster nerfs and people think Bobaman1 sucks, a lot of players have start to play extremely aggressively and they aren't even newbies, those are lv 40 and above. Plus crowd's falvor existence and nobody expects this guy. You sure do hell want to laugh at them when you cast this.
GemInNight x2 4.5/5 Good bread card with decent stats for trading kills, bring 3 if you must.
Reggie x2 4/5 Same things from GemInNight applies here, just more whites, less yellows, less bread, 600/600, and draw a card.
Noob Golem x1 0/5 Good stats card and can be T2 with TheChakraTree. But not necessary
Tremity x3 4.5/5 A good card that destroys for only 2Y with a requirement that can easily be reached. Pretty bonkers. Also triggers one of the most important cards in this deck.
Silky dev x2 3.5/5 Good stats card and triggers one of the most important cards in this deck.
Preston x2 3/5 Godly stats to costs ratio. Interchangable with other cards tho.
Hop Lee x1 4/5 Annoying as hell, makes pure monoblue deck cries if stay on field long enough, also extremely cheap and good amount of health for it's purpose.
Zaquille x1 4/5 Good yellow control card, could also be used in fatique battles to mil 2 cards and prevents your opponent from playin Cup O Tea or BlackSymphony to stall. On top of having very decent stats to begin with.
TheChakraTree x3 6/5 Bad card but have an amazing purpose in this deck to T2 out most cards in this deck. Also is a good discard folder late game.
SmashDude88 x1 6/5 An amazing card with absolute potential to bring back games, having a free 300 bread each turn is always nice, and is the grand saviour of this deck when the game changes to Storxit. Debate ably the most important card in the deck. Triggered by Seranok, Western Bandit, Silky dev, Tremity.
Luck o' the Lobsters x1 ?/5 Bring this. Just incase. Just incase

How to Play

-There are two main ways to play this deck, one is by using you bread cards with Tremity to control the field then slowly wiggle down your opponent from there. Another way is IF you have the perfect hand, you can discard one card, next turn discard another then cast TheChakraTree then play one your 3Y costs card and keep pushing from there for a fast victory.

-The way you want to control for the most part is to trade kills with your cards, bread your opponent. Now this will usually results in resources shortages on card supplies or on your icons that's why we bring draws in this deck. BUT one the most effective way to control is by using SmashDude88 (If you play smashdude alone, he will isntantly summon another him btw) with this card, you have the ability to constently 300 bread your opponent and if you control the board well and your opponent don't have things like Sublime Purity, this card can lasts it self through the whole game if played right. Other than that, wipes when need, bread when have to and Zaquille them in the face when they stocked up whites for a big card or simply because you want to mil them.

-The aggro way of playing this deck is also very decent cause cards like GemInNight could buff your own fighters for trade or hit face witha bonus of 300 Attack. One the best way tho is already mentioned is to T2 Charka Tree plus cards like Noob Golem or more preferably Spooksletsky cause of the card draws. Then keep breading to open your opponent face and hit them until they die. (Remember to play around lobster if you feel like they have one in hand, by looking at their icons before hitting faces, check their baseplate, or try to bait out the card AND NEVER EVER OVEREXTEND TOO MUCH).

How to Beat

ANY Cat's Eye (Archetype) DECK, ANY WELL MADE TERRAINIAN DECKS, ANY GODLY CONTROL DECKS, AND ANY DECK WITH LOTS OF IMMUNITIES BEATS THIS DECK. But if you are playing aggro, kill this deck AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE WITHOUT OVEREXTENDING or else you will just ended up getting boba.

Additional Sections

I am not the original creator of this deck and this is by no mean a good deck. It pride has ended since Storxit appears and TheChakraTree is no longer a generatable card combined with nexx's multiple stats nerf, it has gone downhill a lot. But this is a commemoration for who ever creatd this deck. Hope one day he/she will return.