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The Code Zone is in the Blox Cards Headquarters Spawn Area, near the Card Shop. It used to be a building shaped like an old style Computer, then a boarded-up exit back from the Subway Spawn Area, then to a booth near the left side of where you spawn in the HQ, then to what it currently is now.

This feature is useful for players who may not have much BloxBux and cards and wish to obtain more. Some codes even give out Lucky Charms and special Titles!

Note that this list is not always 100% accurate, as most of the people working on this wiki are only testers. If you want to know more secret codes, head out to the BC Discord and check for the latest sneak peeks/leaks!

Code Rewards Status
OBSERVANT Biostream, "Eagle Eyed" Title, 500BB Active
CHEERSFAM Love Potion, 500BB Active
JANITORISM 1000BB, "The Janitor" Title Active
BLOXCARDSTWITTER 500BB, 5x Ancient Stirrings pack Active
SPOOKY 500BB, 4x Pumpkin Bomb Active
RERELEASE7 4x Amanda Active
ARBOREA 4x Dead Tree, 4x Final Tree, 4x Satyr Nourisher, 3x The Great Tree, 3x The Blighted Fens, 2x Anthrested Tree, 200BB, 1 Clover, "Rageborn" Title Active
PALINDROME 505BB, 1x Owen0202, "MirrorirroM" Title Active
30000 500BB, 2x Roblox's Servers, "Down for Maintenance" Title Active
TEMPRELEASE4 2x Mutative Symbiosis, Blacken the Skies, 3x Micpro1234, 500BB Active
PLAYSOLAR 500BB, 5x Solar Conquest pack Active
COCOAWAR 500BB, 5x Solar Conquest pack, "Guided Tourist" Title Active
BLACKHOLE 500BB, 5x Solar Conquest pack, "Your mum" Title Active
SOLAR 750BB, 5x Solar Conquest pack Active
CHASEROONY 250BB, Foil Chaseroony Active
HORSESHOE 1000BB, Clover Sleeve, "Hatchling" Title Active
PUFFERFISH 200BB, "Big Fish" Title Active
LOST 5 Easter Feast Pack Tickets, 250BB, "Found" Title Active
TACOS 4x Raining Tacos, 1000BB Active
TITAN Classic alt-arts of Recruiter of the Titans, Conscripter of the Titans, Titan of the Holy Chamber, Titan of the Infernal Abyss, Titan of the Dying Forest, Titan of the Deep Below, Titan of the Fried One (max copies of each), 1000BB Active
QUESTSAREHERE 300BB, 5 Easter Feast Pack Tickets, "Mandatory Quest Giver NPC" Title Active
METAVERSEDEV 500BB, 3 Easter Feast Pack Tickets, "Fake Dev" Title Active

Code Rewards Status
FATHER2020 Matt, 300BB Expired
MOBDAY17 Bored Mo or Mo's Dungeon, 300BB Expired
CHRIMBUS2020 Guaranteed new Christmas Alt from the art box added in the X-Mas Update, 1000BB Expired
LOVE2021 3x Tough Love pack, 500BB Expired
RERELEASE1 AgentBloxxer, Ancalagon Sword Critic, Badcc, Darr1342, Hal, Man8976, NewFissy, 4x Olafisawesome100, Pedromony, Radiogamer, 4x Tertiarick, 4x Toothy Deer's Blessing Expired
RERELEASE2 Naga the Sea Serpent, 2x Badcc, The Shadow Realm, David Crissbach, 4x Icebreaker! Expired
RERELEASE3 2x SilentSwords, 3x Are14, PoptartNoahh, 3x evaera, 4x Spectrabox, 3x Tremity, 2x Imaginaerum, 3x Are92, 2x Avectus, 2x Jailbreak!, 3x Mothmage, 2x Myzta, 4x Chillthrill709, Tiger370 Expired
RERELEASE4 3x Ailing Oddsmaker, 3x Emotionless Oddsmaker, 3x Pathetic Oddsmaker, 3x Insane Oddsmaker Expired
RERELEASE5 4x The Beast, 4x Piggy, 2x Anaminus, Minish, 3x Rapid Response, 4x CAROLINE, 2x Firebrand1, 4x BelowNatural, 3x Guardia Bladesmith, 2x Sethycakes, 3x Guardia Fallen, 4x Coeptus, 2x noob007, 3x Accursed Bladesman, 3x Guardia Custodian, 4x Mrflimflam, 4x Kenami, 3x Jokerkid5898, 2x Iron Café, 4x Eisenhower's Apprentice, 4x Koopa, 2x Ninja Ambush, 2x Dehabilitator, 4x PrismDraco, 2x Ehj236, 4x Wolfbitten Wanderer, 4x Failed Experiment, 4x Cenoglyphic, 2x Magic Broom Black Cat, 3x Spotco, 4x Shambeth Gargoyle, 4x Morphic Catalyst, 2x Fractality, 2x Pseudosanity, 4x Diddleshot, 4x ChloeUrie, 3x Unmiracle, 3x Lycan Envoy, 4x EvilArtist, 3x Guardia Seeress, 4x TheCoderBunny, 4x DracoSwordMaster, 4x T3RB0H, 3x Crescendo, The Soul Stealer, 3x Onett, 3x Hedonist Acolyte, MSE6, 4x Hallow's Bargain, 2x Wielder of the Firebrand, 4x Blessed Sage, Vaktus, 2x ITrapped, 4x Artemis' Tombstone Expired
ZANZELSWIMSUIT One of a kind Priestess Zanzel swimsuit alt art, 500BB, "Trolled" Title Expired
EGGY2021 3x Easter Feast pack, 500BB Expired
EGGLOVER 5x Easter Feast pack, 500BB Expired
MOM2021 1x Kara Sinister exclusive alt art, 500BB, "Duck Caretaker" Title Expired
RERELEASE6 3x Ace Beastin, 4x Bee Drone, 2x Assist Trophy, 2x Anthrested Chopper, 3x Saprasam, 4x ScriptMasTime, 4x Beebling, 4x Newbee, 3x Spongemario78, 3x Retro Candy Expired
MOBDAY18 1800BB, 8 Rabbit feet, ChuChu Sleeve, Bored Mo, Mo's Dungeon Expired
BEATINGYUKICRASHESPAPERBLOXCARDS 22BB, Foil Dairingpoophead, Tix God, Foil SonozakiRaito, 30 Lucky Clovers, "Infinitely Rich" Title Expired
DARK 50BB, 2x Dark Book of Spells Expired
ROLLING 50BB, 2x Rollernaut Expired
SANCTUM 50BB, 2x Alpha Brick's Presence Expired
THANKSFOR15KLIKES 1500BB, 15x K Expired
ALIMONY 500BB, 1x Mystery Card Y Expired
ALTEREV 50BB, 1x Scripter, 1x Rhysmon Expired
THESOURCEOFWOE 250BB, 2x Ttarproject Expired
PLAYPITS 2000BB, 5x Pits of the Umberlord pack, "Fundebted Fighter" Title Expired
IAM23ANDSLOWLYDECAYING 500BB, 1x Myrmiredon Expired
HALLOW 5x Hallow's Tales packs, 1000 BB, "Storytime" Title Expired
VICTORCANNONS 3x Hallow's Tales packs Expired
TERRYSTARS 3x Hallow's Tales packs Expired
CLAUDIAWATER 3x Hallow's Tales packs Expired
KALMANSMELLS 3x Hallow's Tales packs Expired
QUANPARKOUR 3x Hallow's Tales packs Expired
GRRRECLIPSE Infinite Frost, Infinite Wishes, Infinite Flames, Infinite Chicken Expired
GILFREDPREZZY Foil Mystery Card Y, 500BB, "Abducted by Aliens" Title Expired
NCMHUDCISPUXDRQ Foil Mystery Card W, 500BB, "Map Scourer" Title Expired
BLOXCARDSCH0M1K Foil Mystery Card X, 500BB, "ARG Completer" Title Expired
DYINGREPEATEDLYCRASHESPAPERBLOXCARDS 4x DracoSwordMaster, Foil Pandemonium and Chaos token, 500BB Expired
KARAISBEAUTIFUL Mystery Card Y, 500BB Expired
FLUFFLESHUFFLE Mystery Card X, 500BB, "Oh Deer." Title Expired
ARTEMISTREASURE Mystery Card Z, 500BB Expired
MERRIMENT 500BB, "Merry Christmas!" Title Expired
ANGRYBESTOWMENTS Mystery Card W, 500BB Expired
TEAISMGIFTS 5x Teaism's Gifts packs, 1000BB, "Showered in Gifts" Title Expired
CHRIMBUS 5x Teaism's Gifts packs, 500BB Expired
NEWYEAR2022 500BB, "New Years Partygoer" Title Expired
CHINESENEWYEAR2022 平和 Zanzel exclusive alt art, Chinese New Year 2022 sleeve, 250 BB, "Year of the Tiger" Title Expired
BDAYTEA 500BB, Teaism, Foil Birthday Surprise, Birthday Cake sleeve, "Birthday Ambassador" Title Expired
SWEET Neodragon Chef, Neodragonmaid Welcome, Neodragon Servant, Neodragonmaid Sleeve, 250BB, "Lovely" Title Expired
BOX CARTS 500BB, "Cringe Compiler" Title Expired
FOOLSAPOLOGY 3x Foil Myrmire-DIO!, 3x Myrmire-DIO!, 500BB, "Foolish." Title Expired
EASTERISHERE 500BB, "Easter Bunny" Title, 5 Easter Feast Pack Tickets Active