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"An aspiring dev finds the Alpha Brick in the modern age. Can he use it to fend off jealousy and obtain his dreams?"

This pack contains targeting support, Hero support, the Police archetype, cards with lock-related effects (ex: Tiny Tank), cards with effects that lock themselves (ex: Mlgloga), effects that decrease locks (ex: Gato Luz), a few mill cards (ex: Friend Request Spammer), and cards that care about Rarity.

This pack currently has the highest concentration of Epic and Legendary cards in comparison to the rest of the pack's contents.

This pack is currently in-development. Pack details are subject to change.

Required # of wins: 0
Cost: 100 BB
Number of Cards: 155
Number of Unique Cards: 2?


  • 38 Common cards
  • 33 Uncommon cards
  • 40 Rare cards
  • 30 Epic cards
  • 21 Legendary cards.

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