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If you need help on building a deck, or want to build a fully-optimized deck, this almost-comprehensive list of decks has you covered.

Beginner's Decks - New players should check this category out, not only because beginner's decks are easier to obtain, but because they're not as complex. This does not mean that they're weak, however.

Non-Competitive Decks - These decks were made for the sole intention of having fun. Note that non-competitive decks can stem into competitive decks if the playstyle is viable.

If you are thinking about creating a page for your deck, please use this Deck Template to help create it. Before creating it, though, please check Outdated Decklists as well as this category to see if that deck type is already on the wiki.

It is recommended that you use these decklists as guidelines, not templates. Due to the constantly-changing nature of this game, useful cards will eventually be changed into forms unsuited for a deck's playstyle. Pay more attention to the "How to Play" section, instead, and the playstyle listed in the Stats. Using the tips located in the Deckbuilding category can be helpful in a pinch.

Note that any decks last updated before August 8th 2020 were created before the introduction of the Baseplate (Game Mechanic). If you wish to run these outdated decks, we recommend lowering the number of cards that cost only White icons and adding cards that draw or give. 

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