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Beginner's Decks are decks that have low complexity (how hard it is to use it) and high accessibility (how easy it is to obtain the cards in the deck). Aimed towards newbies, and not usually professionals.

This category is for beginners who had just learned of the wikia's existence and want to build a good deck with their limited resources.

If you're looking for tips on building your own decks, you should check the Noob Mistakes and Deckbuilding 101 pages. If you're just starting out, you probably shouldn't make dualcolor decks, since they're much more difficult to build.

Slightly more advanced newbies should look to the Redcliff and Doge Groups, as they are (assumedly) simple to understand and easy to obtain. (This is based off a strange trend where newbies tend to gravitate towards those Groups due to their ease of use and its ability to potentially cheese against more expensive or harder decks to use. Maybe it makes sense, maybe it doesn't.)

Creating a Beginner's Deck

If you're developing a decklist towards beginners for the wikia, the goal of a beginner's deck is to have the most playability with the highest accessibility and lowest complexity. In addition, make sure its cards don't appear in Ancient Stirrings or Temporal Halo.

In layman's terms, it should be simple to play and build, while still being viable.

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