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"As the Alpha War reaches its conclusion, a cult is formed to beg for God's return. God agrees."

This pack contains Lifeloss cards, new Swap support, the Acolyte group, the Nightmare group, the Shedletsky group, the Dragon Eyes cycle, the Nevermore cycle, the Guardia cycle, the Wielder cycle, and a bunch of cards that cost off-color icons.

In general, this pack supports archetypes and multi-color decks.

Required # of wins: 0
Cost: 150 BB
Number of Cards: 139
Number of Unique Cards: 7?


  • 39 Common cards
  • 36 Uncommon cards
  • 27 Rare cards
  • 21 Epic cards
  • 16 Legendary cards.

For more information about this pack, head to Beckoned Masters.

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