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The following bees are legacy bees. It has lost its bees, either due to bees or power bees, but were still bees enough to warrant bees.

BuilderBees is a deck which abuses the fact that Builderman currently (at the time of the making of this deck) has the wrong trigger. This allows you to trigger OnAllySummon triggers without having to worry about the fighter limit.


Name: BuilderBees bees
Creator: unadaptably bees
Deck Colors: Blue/Yellow bees
Deck Type: Combo bees
Goldfish: ?? Depends on when you draw the combo. bees
Consistency: 2/5 bees
Complexity: 3/5 bees
Accessibility: 2/5 bees
Versatility: 3/5 bees
Popularity: 1/5 bees


Swarm x4
Beekeeper x3
4.0 Robloxian x3
Waspism x3
AsrielMemer x3
Acolyte of the Rift x3
Beehive x2
Guest x4
Fried Acolyte x3
Bucket of Bees x1
Hop Lee x1
Builderman x1
Stud x3
Heavy Rain x2
Thunder Bolt x1
Luck o' the Lobsters x1
Ultimate Bowl of Greed x1

How to Play

Get lots of yellow icons. Play multiple waspisms/beekeepers. Spam builderman.

How to Beat

Really quick aggro.