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CheesebutInIreland CheesebutInIreland 17 days ago

Card Suggestions


THis is an user blog so stop deleting this

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KOMUNAST KOMUNAST 31 December 2021

Added for wiki points

Blox card good :)

Might add some card ideas here or something idk

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Chainrocker Chainrocker 25 August 2021

holy shitt

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Abc to trust trade Abc to trust trade 15 June 2021


so StacyD07, Jparty, and Radello should be in the yellow card cycle because they are 3Y uncommons that are yellow.

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Some Oni dude Some Oni dude 4 May 2021

Archetype Idea Pirates

The gimmick for this archetype should be putting fighter in your baseplate then bringing them back out with actions Not an aggro deck an the fighter should be cheap A yellow blue deck its also related to the Penta hook animation collab by the humanianc and other so go check it out!

Crewmate /WWW/Yellow/250HP 150PWR/Effect: When this card is cast send at the end of the turn send it to the baseplate/Common/Bio: Prepare for a sword duel ye coward!

Pirates flag/WWY/Blue/Action/Effect Return one allied fighter out of your baseplate to the field they gain 200HP and 150PWR/Uncommon/Bio: Once you see the flag your sugar and rum is ours!

Gunner./WWYBB/Yellow/HP400 PWR500/Effect send a allied fighter to the baseplate give yourself a pirates flag/Unco…

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Rejecction Rejecction 27 April 2021

how topdeck more efficiently (fastest way possible 100% WORKS 2021)

Step 1: pray to ObamaXJesus that you'll get hand hacks

Step 2: gain hand hacks

Step 3: win with the most inconsistent deck

works 100% I swear

Source: just trust me bro

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Some Oni dude Some Oni dude 18 April 2021

Blox Cards Archetype Idea

Ok so there called commandos and there main gimmick is that the double there stats in battle, but have weak base stats Its a red based deck maybe a aggro

The main weakness of this archetype should be the cost and the low defense most of the cards start double only when attacking.

Summer Commando/WWWR/HP200 PWR200/Red/When attacking this cards stats are doubled at the end of the battle of the turn reset this cards stats/Common/Bio: A true commando doesn't let a vacation stand in his way.

Virtual Commando/WWRRHP400,PWR100/Red/When attacking this cards stats are doubled at the end of the battle of the turn reset this cards stats/Common/Bio: Commanding pixels is so much harder than commanding people.

Black Iron Commando/WWWRRHP300 PWR400/At the st…

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Emergencyishere Emergencyishere 24 March 2021

How to Topdeck 101

Wanna know how to topdeck 99% of the time when playing against that one competitive, sweaty tryhard who also loves to topdeck? Good, you just came to the right place!

It only takes a few steps:

  1. git gud
  2. deck gud
  3. rng gud
  4. ???
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EpikNob EpikNob 16 March 2021

Your least favorite card

What is your least favorite card.

Mine is calmfoxz.

I don't know what else to add.

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Chainrocker Chainrocker 5 February 2021

your favorite shitposter is back

im back

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The Holy Player The Holy Player 14 January 2021


I want my wikia mango for being very useful and contributing a lot

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ThatSecondPlayer ThatSecondPlayer 12 December 2020

Archetype Ideas

Hey guys ThatSecondPlayer here. Today I've thought of a new archetype idea!

Archetype name: Venomous Snake

Artwork style: Snakes and/or reptiles

Archetype color: Green

Archetype gimmick: Lowering opponents/your fighters health (representing being bit by a snake and being injected with venom)

Card #1: Card type: Fighter | Name: Slithery Servant | Icons: 2 white and 1 green icon | Effect: During each of your end steps; lower all other fighters health by 50 | Card description: Slippy and slimy the poor guy can't enjoy a day of peace and hunting. | Stats: 450 health, 200 power. | Rarity: Common

Card #2: Card type: Fighter | Name: Wicked Cobra | Icons: 3 green icons | Effect: When this card is cast; lock it for 2 turns, give your opponent a copy of A…

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CivilCornball CivilCornball 4 October 2020

The State of Costs after Storexit

I'll get right into it.

Storexit changed this game. A lot. With the advent of the Baseplate (Game Mechanic), you can constantly cast high-cost fighters each turn in the endgame.

In fact, it's changed the entire way you should look at Costs.

  • 1 Colourless Cost
  • 2 Coloured Cost
  • 3 Rule of Extremes
  • 4 What Now?

Colourless cost now limits how many times you can cast a card per turn.

If you cast a fighter with a Colourless cost between 0 and 2, you can usually assume that you'll have enough to cast many, many more.

However, if you cast something with a Colourless cost of 4+, well... Good luck casting anything else that turn.

Then, what about coloured cost?

Coloured cost now limits when you can cast a card.

Before Storexit, cards had to be designed at being played at…

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AsAsSino142 AsAsSino142 10 September 2020

Blox Card Players Stereotypes

As you see, there is a variety of players in this amazing blox cards game, I will do my best to specify the most important types.

The Noob: People classed as noobs are those who struggle to reach a higher level, who has a higher lose rate than a win rate, who can't get into level 7. They sometimes reach their goal and become standard players.

The DEGENERATE: Retard that runs anything that fits in the deck or anything that they have without knowing what they do. Cant even beat noobs. SKILL ISSUE

The Bypasser: Those players seek to find ways to bypass the filter to express how they feel about the opponent.

The Standard: They are regular players who are not bad, but they're not good at the game at the same time, they easily achieve their goals b…

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The Science Monkey The Science Monkey 9 September 2020

Lore Wikia Page Concept

===I wanna do some lore pages, but I dunno how to do it properly. What are your opinions on this?===

Eisenhower, fully known as "Eisenhower, The Alchemist" is an original character in Blox Cards. He is one of the 4 legendaries that debuted in the Ancient Stirrings expansion pack, and is considered one of the protagonist of its story as well as its sequel, Temporal Halo.

Eisenhower is a older man with foggy blue skin. He has messy, erratically greying hair with streaks of light blue visible within it, and a patch of his natural, deep blue hair at the top of his head. He is always seen wearing blue Computerized Sniper Goggles around his eyes, with a second pair of red goggles around his head. He wears a blue suit with a black strap around both arms …

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CivilCornball CivilCornball 30 August 2020

Categories and Card Packs

Using Categories to create a page for a pack is so much better than making a normal page and using tabbers to separate rarities.
-Easy to add and remove cards; you don’t need to have to worry about spelling the link correctly, putting them in the right spot, or searching for the new art.
-Automatically updates the card’s art and name as soon as it’s changed on the card’s page.
-Easy to search for cards. CTRL+F on the Category page lets you get to the card’s page quickly, and checking the categories on the card’s page can tell you exactly which packs you can find them in.
-Makes earning the Category badges easier.

The only real downside is that you can’t see the card’s rarity or card type from the pack’s page, but all you have to do is just go t…

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AsAsSino142 AsAsSino142 22 September 2020

How to choose your starting deck

So, first of all, if you have started playing today and visited this blog, here are some essential information about choosing your icon and deck.

If you wish to play aggressively and go for fast games, play red (Popular choice)

If you wish to play for value and pointslams, by either abusing your board and life, play yellow

If you wish to play for safety, tempo and survive for long, play green

Unpopular choice: If you wish to play for the worse icon and get the best deck done, go on, colourless for you.

If you wish to play a mix between colors and have fun creating new decks and having a great experience, play dualcolors! Be exceptional and create your own deck! Nobody is stopping you! This post was made by rage gang.

If you dont have creativity…

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AsAsSino142 AsAsSino142 26 August 2020

The best cards for each color, in my opinion

This is just my opinion,  nothing official, but I really should recommend you to have those.

These cards are independent and dont need any archtype support.

Colorless: Stud

Blue: VetexGames

Red: Rad (Obviously)

Green: Meebling infestation

Yellow: Gusmanak (This card is independent and good, gusmanak can get enormous value if you manage to leave the enemies with 300 or less health).

Other cards considered very good: Hop lee, Chosencoast (Dont ask me why), The Beast, Rachjumper, Thunder Bolt, Mariochocolatemilk, (COW GOD).

There you go:

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The Holy Player The Holy Player 30 May 2020

Difference between single fighter and spread fighters

People usually mistaken the power level difference between single and spread between fighters, leading to make mistake while calculating the card's actual power. In different situations, one is better than the other.

To explain this common misconception, I will use examples:

1. Let's imagine a 300/300 fighter and 300/300 spread between 2 fighters(x2 150/150). In a direct faceoff, yes, they are equal. BUT, in a situation they are against a 300/150 fighter, which is better? 300/300 or spread between? 300/300. Why? 300/150 is weaker, but it also trades with the spread between fighters very equally. But if against 300/300 it will die, leaving enemy 150/300 on field. This is because 300/300 spread between is taking "double" damage. Confused? Bet yo…

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Chainrocker Chainrocker 20 May 2020

underrated red card tier list (yes thats very specific)

the hell was this piece of shi-

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The Science Monkey The Science Monkey 12 May 2020

Eclipse's Cringe Compilation

Here, I post all the matches where my awesome and super consistent high tier deck "Eclipse OTK" works. If you are one of these victims, well... hope you don't mind being cringe bro ;)

But don't worry, since nobody is perfect, I will post the times where my perfomance with the ultimate deck f̶a̶i̶l̶e̶d̶ ̶m̶i̶s̶e̶r̶a̶b̶l̶y̶,̶ ̶I̶'̶m̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶c̶r̶i̶n̶g̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶p̶e̶r̶s̶o̶n̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶p̶i̶l̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶,̶ ̶p̶l̶s̶ ̶h̶e̶l̶p̶ ̶m̶e̶ had some happy little accidents. So this blog is trutly for everybody!

Well, let's start with the decks, if you ever want to try one of my h̶o̶r̶r̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ amazing decks, here's your chance to do it. (all of them are WIP at the moment, so hol up)


Eclipse OH NO.png Eclipse I GOT ICE PIED AAAAAAAAA.png Ecl…

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RBlitzwolfer RBlitzwolfer 11 May 2020

OC Tier List

Who is the best Blox Cards original character? This tier-list looks into each and every character in Blox Cards.

These characters will be based on the following criteria:

  • Recognition: If you see this character outside of the game, would people recognize it as a Blox Cards character?
  • Originality: How original is the character design? Does its design try anything new?
  • Design: Is the character design pleasing to the viewer? How strong is the design if you deconstruct it into its basic colors and shapes? (ex: If a child tried to draw this character, would its design still be recognizable?)
  • Influence: How much does this character appear or mentioned in the game? This either may be lore-wise or access-wise.


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CivilCornball CivilCornball 10 May 2020

50s are weird.

Power>Health for trades. We know this.

However, a 50 Health buff is much better than a 50 Power buff, due to fighters with a Power that ends in 50 being rare. This causes 50 Health buffs to often act like 100 Health buffs.

This works for Depower, too. 150 depower is more like 200.

This game's weird, yo.

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Chainrocker Chainrocker 2 May 2020

good new cards (outside of archetypes)

Yeah, I'll get roasted for this, no I don't really care. Cards only used in the 4 main colors will be on here, and not super situational cards or cards that don't have that many use cases outside of the new archetypes.

Starting off with a card literally nobody uses, but can be used in *some* red decks.

Dwarvern Meteor! A colorless rare action that is a hard wipe after the opponents 20th turn. Good in midrange and control due to it being cheep and can be used if your in a pickle, though red control isn't the best use case for it as red control is usually based around target removal.

A card a lot of people used and is still viable, though not as much since it got a blue icon added onto the end of it.

Samson! Can be used for draw and icon gen ear…

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Qeqew Qeqew 27 April 2020

Deliovon's weird card collection

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CivilCornball CivilCornball 24 April 2020

Deck update suggestion?

I don't know which deck to update next. Any ideas?

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RifoFromUndertale RifoFromUndertale 31 March 2020

The Big Funny Card Art Mega Collection

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GlitchofallGlitches GlitchofallGlitches 25 March 2020

Fanmade Card Abilities.

These are some effects cards could do. (Some of these are inspired by the Suggest Card Ideas page, go check it out)

  1. Sacrifice - To deal inf damage to one or more of your own fighters to gain a good effect.
  2. Area damage - When a fighter with this effect attacks, it deals a certain amount of damage to one or more targeted fighters (cannot target the fighter it attacked)
  3. Piercing - When a fighter with this effect attacks a fighter, deal 1/5 (or a lower or higher percentage) of the damage to the cardholder.
  4. Return - Fighters with this effect return to the hand during a specified time.

So thats it lol.

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SwordsMan03-fduser SwordsMan03-fduser 17 July 2020



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Error404Memes Error404Memes 10 February 2020

Fortnite burger

Fortnite burger

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DisposableMemez DisposableMemez 24 November 2019

Water Dispenser

This is basically like Life Potion, but it has some few effects.
  • 1 Stats
  • 2 How to Play
  • 3 How to Beat

You can use it on your cards, target's gain 100 powers and gain 100 health. However, if you dared to use it on enemy, target's would lose 100 powers and 100 health, also swapping their powers and health. Matching the color give twice the effects.

It wouldn't work on locked cards/non-colored cards. It wouldn't work on non-archetype.

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Chainrocker Chainrocker 28 October 2019

Underated Gems

HungryBloxBoy, basicly a 400/800 card for 3 reds, what else do I need to say?

Fluffy Findings, a super good draw card for RED, only bad thing is that the kittens can be kinda annoying.

(pre-nerf) GRAND DAD, I can't believe I'm saying this, but grand dad was super good before the recent patch. One colorless, red, and yellow icon for a 777/777 stated card, you also gain a red icon from unwanted trend. Though its round effect can be annoying, still was good.

RealPiggy1261, All round a good card, good stats, good cost, amazing effect, only problem is that its effect is OnAttackDestroy, and that trigger isn't that good.

iamlogic, iamlogic literally hates me, but his card is good. Same cost as realpiggy, but it's effect is EVEN BETTER. Sure, it take…

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The Holy Player The Holy Player 21 October 2019


Guys! I really want to know what the soundtracks are. Can anyone tell me the names?

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SwordsMan03-fduser SwordsMan03-fduser 17 July 2020

Everytime I battle Swordnizen (meme)

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Txzacac69 Txzacac69 9 October 2019


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Aesuric Aesuric 23 September 2019

Blox Cards: Icon Generation

Disclaimer: This document has little to no ACTUAL research. The only research used is based on personal experiences playing Blox Cards. So don’t go whining about this, or THIS, or this, or this, or THIS.


When it comes to strategic and combat card games, most cards don’t come free. Whether it’s mana (Magic the Gathering), elixir (Clash Royale), suns and brains (Plants vs Zombies: Heroes), or icons (Blox Cards), the same saying goes: the stronger the card, the more it’ll cost. The cost can be direct; how much it’s going to cost to play this card. The cost can be indirect; this card will be cheap, but will hinder your gameplay to a certain extent. Or this card will start expensive, but eventually, you’ll get your money’s worth. This ca…

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Qeqew Qeqew 18 September 2019



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Chainrocker Chainrocker 18 September 2019

Cards that are way too op

Pirate Why? Such a low cost and can stall insanely well

Lord Gizmo Why? That cost is way too low for its effect and its stats are high

Cat Eye Wing Flock Why? Sure it locks itself on cast, but still this can provide tons of control for a low cost, and there are popular green yellow decks (mill)

Spikle Why? Sure it can usually only live two or three turns, but still those stats and that cost...

Liz Why? Underrated, but that doesn't mean it's bad, stats are high and cost is low and it can gen (it's a white card)

Bobaman1 Why? A mini wipe but it has good stats and can gen, its fighter amount doesn't stop it from being good as people will think they are safe once you have used your luck o lob

SlingShotJunkie Why? Though it sets power, its unlock eff…

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Chainrocker Chainrocker 17 September 2019

Card Ideas That Will Never Be Put Into The Game

fighter ideas:



Red Uncommon

3R 1W

Deal 150 damage to a target fighter.

Bio: He got slammed to the floor by little mac.

Boxer Simulator 2 Master


Red Epic/Legendary

3R 4W

Deal 150 damage to all enemy fighters. End the turn.

Bio: Legend says it that he spent 10000 robux on Boxing Simulator 2.



Blue Rare

4B 3W

Deal 250 damage to all enemy fighters, if at least half of them live, give them 300 health.

Bio: Still a friend of Priestess Zanzel, the Promised One, though, he sliced her many times.

Noob Mech


Yellow Epic/Legendary

3Y 4W

When this card dies, split it into 3 noobs.




Red Common

2R 1W


Bio: This hurts me more than it hurts you, UwU!

Mr. Eightball


Black? Epic/Legendar…

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SwordsMan03-fduser SwordsMan03-fduser 17 July 2020

Deck Review: Blitzwolfer's Nightmare Control

  • 1 Basic Review
    • 1.1 Things I like about it
    • 1.2 Things I don't like about it
  • 2 Conclusion
  • 3 Verdict: 4.2/5: Blitz, you've done it again, my friend.

Nightmare is an archetype that focuses on depriving your opponent of card draw and making the board harmless to you and your fighters.

  • This deck focuses on using those shutdown tactics to make the opponent not even able to scratch you.
  • Jackinator, Saiier, Consume Dream, all to make your opponent hate going to sleep.

  • You can generate icons from anywhere, anytime, most of the time.
  • You can put six to eight nightmares in ten turns or less under good circumstances.
  • All fighters have flexible costs, you'll never have to worry about being icon screwed.
  • Three Saiier's with Consume Dream is the most evil thing i have ev…

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SwordsMan03-fduser SwordsMan03-fduser 17 July 2020

Lendlar/Action Tester: History of Effects

First Edition Effect (Action Tester): The first copy of Llendlar had no cost, was an action, and required three defenders to be played. It's effect was to add a random Defender to your hand, shuffle the card back into the deck, and to deal 500 damage to the opponent.

Second Edition Effect: The second copy of Llendlar cost 9 icons, was a fighter, and had the ability to fill the board with Techno Terrors, which had stats of 200/200, while the Llendlar card itself was an 800/800. It also granted you a card that adds two new Techno Terrors, and worked in the same way as Grand Glaciem Mage 's Infinite Frost. Served as a more powerful version of ClanAtlas.

(Current Iteration)Third Edition Effect: Llendlar is a fighter card that has a cost of 9 yello…

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L1242092 L1242092 30 April 2019

Splexit: My impressions

Since Splexit is apparently remaining a permanent part of the game, I wanted to share my thoughts on how it has impacted the game. I was hoping some of the responses to the public poll would get posted, but since they haven't and since I wrote this whole big thing about it, I felt I would share it all here for others to comment on, if they should like.

  • 1 Splexit: Good or bad?
  • 2 Eliminating Splash
  • 3 Weakening Rainbow Decks
  • 4 Slowing Down the Game
  • 5 Conclusion

Blox Cards has felt more healthy post-Splexit, but I believe that is more due to Splexit as a fresh project rather than Splexit as a mechanics change. To put it another way, Blox Cards is better that it is changing, but not necessarily better for any reason why it changed.

To my understanding, t…

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Ricklv Ricklv 27 April 2019

Hey fellows! Form on splexit.

Give your thoughts here.

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SwordsMan03-fduser SwordsMan03-fduser 17 July 2020

What a wonderful world

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SwordsMan03-fduser SwordsMan03-fduser 17 July 2020

Thinking about leaving Blox Cards.


how to delete a blog post please  lol

I may have had a tantrum

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SwordsMan03-fduser SwordsMan03-fduser 17 July 2020

Recycling Bin - New AI information and Card calculations.

  • 1 So here's the deal - you can now sell your card copies! (UPDATED 19/19)
    • 1.1 How much tho
    • 1.2 UPDATE AS OF 19/19: IT NOW TAKES SPECIFIC CARDS FOR 5 BLOXBUX. =Previously Two for any=
    • 1.3 NOW SCALES BY RARITY. (Common - Uncommon: 3, Rare - Epic - Legendary: 2.)
  • 2 Cards that do not work

The Recycling bin is a new AI that I discovered today(since, you know - haven't played for three months), which lets you trade in cards for BloxBux.

Two or three cards, of specific rarity, are five BloxBux. (19/19)

Estimated values for the following: ---- Rare, Epic, and Legendary stats ----

10 cards = 25 BloxBux 

50 cards = 125 BloxBux

100 cards = 250 BloxBux


But weirdly enough the estimated card value for 3000 BloxBux is 1440 cards.

 So by that esti…

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SwordsMan03-fduser SwordsMan03-fduser 17 July 2020

So I haven't played in a while...

Can people please inform me on any new cards?

I already found out that "SlinghotJunkie" replaced "Duel Axe Monster".

Any others?

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Thesupernessiiiii Thesupernessiiiii 26 February 2019

Uhh.... Help....

So... I was making a deck for the wiki when I accedenly closed the page and didnt relise I was editing the template the whole time. When I fagure it out, I desided to finish making my whole deck on the template page then copy and paste it later... and this is what happened.

Shedletsky God is a "ramp" deck focused on buffing a single card (In this case Shedletsky) and making them unkillable.

  • 1 Stats
  • 2 Decklist
  • 3 How to Play
  • 4 How to Beat
  • 5 Additional Sections

It is rather simple; Control the board and draw cards as fast as possible until you can summon Red Sledletsky. If you are having trouble getting the Limb you need, you can summon shed early, as long as you can protect him. The only notable filler in this deck is Thesupernessiiiii; I chose this car…

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SwordsMan03-fduser SwordsMan03-fduser 17 July 2020


So I'm not dead just to make everything clear yeet

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Ricklv Ricklv 26 January 2019

Still waiting for Blox Cards 2.

Still waiting :<

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