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About Darken the Skies
Rarity: Colourless Token (Epic)
Health/Power: Action
Effect: Shuffle a copy of the Matriarch's deck into your deck, and draw five cards. You gain 5000 life.
Bio: How can you kill someone with a duststorm if they simply fly away?
Group: Bird
Note: Used by the Shin Kiwami AI.

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About Blacken the Skies
Rarity: Colourless Epic
Health/Power: Action
Effect: Shuffle four Matriarch Birds into your deck. Draw two cards. You gain 1000 life.
Bio: Now you can tap into the Matriarch's power!
Group: Bird
Note: Costs 6 blue studs.

Note that it always gives you 1 of each coloured bird, and can't give you cards like Bird Colossus.

Originally obtainable by defeating the Matriarch AI, but currently obtainable only via the TEMPRELEASE4 code as the Matriarch AI has since been replaced by Shin Kiwami.

The names for the two are swapped on their cards.