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The Balloon Hut is where you can obtain cosmetic balloons for your avatar. Stepping on the white glowing rectangle will give you a balloon (which raises the player's right arm and attaches a balloon to its hand), and stepping on the red "Let go" button will remove the last balloon you received. It was also possible to get multiple balloons by repeatedly touching the balloon/let go buttons in quick succession.

Available Balloons:

  • Shiny Drifloon balloon 
  • Drifloon balloon 
  • 8) balloon (also known as the Imagine[1] face) 
  • "•_•" balloon
  • Snowman balloon (Christmas only)
  • Ghost balloon (Based off Drifloon from Pokemon. There is also a shiny form of this) 
  • Bighead balloon (Comes in Yellow and Red)
  • Reindeer balloon (Christmas only) 
  • Pumpkin balloon (Halloween only) 
  • Grand Dad balloon (based off of the Grand Dad meme, as well as Mario)
  • Cheems balloon
  • Multiple balloons with faces from the ROBLOX catalog.