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About Angelic Godbeast
Rarity: Yellow Legendary
Health/Power: 700/0 (2000/1300 if self target)
Effect: If you control a Godbeast, cast this card using nine Yellow studs. When this card is cast: A target fighter gains 1300 health and power.
Bio: The air crackles with the raw heat of a raging neutron star. There can be no bravery without madness, and these two have plenty to share.
Ras Golden Gryphon Bio: Who will win? An extra-linked board with four omni-negates, or one round boi? This card is an alt-art of Angelic Godbeast.
Group: Godbeast
Cycle: Stirrings Legendary
Note: Only uses the Godbeast Group tag to properly trigger its effect and be searchable by Godbeast Whelp. (It is not an actual Group.)
Trivia: Used to be called "Hallow, the Sugarlord".