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This page refers to the 2020 version of Ancient Stirrings. For the original, see Ancient Stirrings (Legacy). For the category, and a list of the cards contained within this pack, see the category by the same name.

Ancient Stirrings Newer.png

Ancient Stirrings Redux takes the previous story of Ancient Stirrings and remasters it using 2020 design skills and technology.

Required # of wins: 0

Cost: 150 BB

Number of Cards: 100

Number of Unique Cards: ?


- Three new fully remastered archetypes! The Sinisters are a red/yellow archetype that loans all players a deluge of colourless studs, then collects on your opponent's debt!


-Reworked Lycanthropes!

-Paraselene Archetype!

-Reworked Ultras!

-A new level up card!


  • 30 Common cards
  • 24 Uncommon Cards
  • 24 Rare cards
  • 12 Epic cards
  • 10 Legendary cards