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AlarHerald Luna.png
Saint Herald Christmas Alt Card.png

About Alar Herald
Rarity: Red Rare
Health/Power: 400/200
Effect: When this card is cast: Give yourself Splintered Energy. Cast Alar Actions only if you have 2 or more Alar Knights in play.
Bio: The Korblox are helpless in the air. Many skirmishes are won simply by the Heralds stating their presence.
Teaism's Gifts 2021 Bio: Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?
Group: Alar

SplinteredEnergy Luna fixed.png
Divine Bible Christmas Token Card.png

About Splintered Energy
Rarity: Green Token
Health/Power: Action
Effect: Inert when discarded. Cast only if you control 2 Alar Knights. Put a Red Stud into your Baseplate.
Bio: Man met aether, and aether found vitality.
Teaism's Gifts 2021 Bio: Does this count as fanfiction?
Group: Alar
Note: Actually costs 1W2R.